Date of Birth: 10/20/2013 • Blue Merle Female • Full Dentition/Scissors Bite
OFA Hips Bad (Hit by ATV) • OFA Elbows Good • Eyes: Cleared 2017
Clear on Full Genetic Panel
Owned by Shelby Collins • Bred By Jessicah Keller


The queen of the side eye was my first purebred Australian Shepherd purchase. I figured I would need a buddy going off on my own. Annie has been my constant companion and proved to be worth her weight in gold over the years. With very minimal training she figured out when I needed the broodmares brought up, and she would bring them up to me. Helped me on more than one occasion keep the other mares off of me while trying to get a mare and baby out of the pasture. Has protected me on several occasions whether it be a pissed off bull, an ex boyfriend or a mugger. Annie always greets everyone with a smile and a wiggle butt. If I am home alone she may bark when someone is coming through the door, but shell look at me make sure I am ok, and then its all fun and games til the ball gets thrown. Very toy and treat motivated Annie is always game to do everything with me.

I could go on and on about how much I love this dog. She may not have any titles, and that is ok. I did not know the importance of proper training and titles, owning her has definitely been a learning process. Annie had one litter by Sully Creeks Oso Black and had 6 boys.....let me just tell you how much fun that was. All the boys went to personal friends or family friends and are living their best lives as active pets. Unfortunately she also suffered an accident and was ran over by an ATV. Annie now has come back with hip dysplacia. Upon doing further research and learning more and more about the betterment of the breed, on top of Annie's injuries I have decided to spay Annie and let her live her life out with me as the doting grandma. 



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